Outreach Program Coordinator/CHW- 4th St. Clinic

January 26, 2021


Core Responsibilities

Program Coordinator (approx. 10-15 hours per week)

• Oversee organization of outreach program to serve unsheltered homeless individuals

• Monitor supplies and create purchase orders to maintain PAR level as well as stock vehicle and oversee cleanliness/organization of supplies

• Oversee vehicle maintenance schedule and arrange for maintenance appointment

• Attend and assist in leading weekly program meetings

• Meet with community agencies/facilities, representing WHHC. Provides and updates clinic information to maintain awareness of available community services.

• Collaborates with other members of the health care team, the patients and community liaisons to assure achievement of high patient care standards and to enhance efficient clinic operation.

• Record daily data for outreach program and compile into a quarterly report

• Coordinate outreach team schedule and destinations

• Implement, support and monitor all CLIA, HIPAA and OSHA guidelines.

Community Health Worker (approx. 25-30 hours per week)

• Accompany (or drive) 6 seater van to camping sites, motels etc. with outreach team to assist in providing medical and behavioral health services to persons experiencing homelessness.

• Work closely with provider, MA, referral coordinators and community partners to coordinate patient care including visits, follow-up, referrals etc.

• Coordinate care with outside providers as applicable

• Coordinate with pharmacies to transfer medications

• Look up insurance information and refer patients

• Coordinate medical care with case managers at sites including rides to appointments

• Registration of new patients, appointment check-in for existing patients and scheduling appointments and follow-up visits for patients.

• Staff do not enter patients’ homes alone or transport patients in vehicles Leadership

• Supports and encourages collaborative culture that values mutual respect, partnership, learning, trust, and fairness.

• Models positive and appropriate professional behavior.

• Proactive in behavior and fosters that in others.

• Participates in professional workgroups and organizations as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.


• High school graduate

• Graduate of an accredited Medical Assistant program or equivalent training level

• Knowledge of medical terminology

• CPR certification

Essential technical skills :verbal communication, organizational, clerical skills a must

Essential physical requirements: Able to lift up to 50 lbs. Other physical movements include pushing, balancing, stooping, flexing/twisting, ability to spend majority of time on feet, et al.

Preferred Attributes

• Excellent communication skills with staff, volunteers, patients and all people and community organizations involving Fourth Street Clinic.

• Keeps customer service and the mission of the organization in mind when interacting with all clients, co-workers, and others.

• Ensuring all actions of patient care are charted correctly and accurately in the Electronic Health Record.

• Capable of working quickly and efficiently under pressure. Work well with others to organize and run efficiently medical provider’s schedule.

• Sensitive to the needs of homeless people, but capable of being innovative and assertive with a diverse population in a variety of situations

• Progressive and self-motivated and able to multi-task



10-15 hours/week: Outreach Program Coordinator

25 hours/week: CHW

40 hours/week Total

Additional Info

*this is a split position. 




Please send resume and cover letter to amartinez@fourthstreetclinic.org

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