Health Center Program Compliance


2017 PALS

PAL 2017-02: Approved Uniform Data System (UDS) Changes for Calendar Year 2017

2016 PALS

PAL 2016-01: Proposed Uniform Data System Changes for Calendar Year 2016

2015 PALS

PAL 2015-03: Calendar Year 2016 Requirements for Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Coverage for Health Centers

PAL 2015-02: Accreditation and Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative

PAL 2015-01 Proposed UDS Changes for CY 2015

2014 PALS

PAL 2014-10 Updated Process for Change in Scope Submission, Review and Approval Timelines

PAL 2014-09 Notice of Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Health Center Policy Manual Update

PAL 2014-08 Health Center Program Requirements Oversight

PAL 2014-07 Scope Alignment Validation in HRSA Electronic Handbooks

PAL 2014-06 Documenting Scope of Project in Updated Forms 5A and 5B

PAL 2014-05 Updated Process for Requesting a Change in Scope to Add Temporary Sites in Response to Emergency Events

PAL 2014-01 Approved Uniform Data System Changes

2014 PINS

PIN 2014-02 Sliding Fee Discount and Related Billing and Collections Program Requirements

PIN 2014-01 Health Center Program Governance

2013 PINS

PIN 2013-01 Health Center Budgeting and Accounting Requirements

All HRSA Health Center Program PINS & PALS

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