Peer Groups

Peer Workgroups, learning teams, and roundtables are a way for Health Center members to increase knowledge and skills while sharing best practices with colleagues across the state. AUCH currently offers the following peer groups to member organizations:

Billing Learning Team

The Billing Learning Team meets every other month to discuss billing and coding issues concerning Health Centers. This group is typically represented by the Health Center Billing Manager.

Corporate Compliance Workgroup

The Corporate Compliance Workgroup gathers as needed to facilitate information-sharing on health center compliance guidelines and reporting requirements, gain knowledge, and support one another. Typically the designated health center compliance officer represents their practice at Corporate Compliance meetings.

Financial Directors Roundtable

The Financial Directors Roundtable meets every month to discuss financial operations issues pertaining to Health Centers. Typically the Finance Director or CFO represents the Health Center for this group.

Health Center Information Technology Workgroup

The Health Information Technology Workgroup convenes quarterly to discuss health information topics and national strategic initiatives identified by group consensus. Typically CIOs or other IT support staff represent Health Centers in this group.

Human Resources Roundtable

The Human Resources Roundtable convenes quarterly to facilitate networking and information-sharing on emerging issues affecting Utah’s Health Center work force and best practices. Typically Chief Operation Officers, Human Resource Directors, and/or Human Resource staff represent their Health Centers at HR Roundtable meetings.

Medical Directors Roundtable

The Medical Directors Roundtable gathers quarterly to exchange information and ideas, gain knowledge, and support one another in their role as lead health center clinical administrator. Typically the Health Center Medical Director and/or Associate Medical Director represents their practice at MDR meetings. The MDR is led Chris Hyer, P.A.

Outreach & Enrollment Workgroup

The Outreach & Enrollment WorkGroup meets every month to exchange information and ideas on best practices and challenges relating to outreach and enrollment events and education for the Federal Marketplace, Medicaid, and CHIP.  The group is represented by Health Center Outreach & Enrollment Supervisors and support staff.

Pharmacy Roundtable

The Pharmacy Roundtable meets quarterly to discuss the latest 340B policies affecting Health Centers, Pharmacy Services Program news, and medication alerts. Additionally, the group works on improvements regarding patient/pharmacy safety. The group holds peer discussions of various issues facing in-clinic pharmacies.

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee convenes monthly to monitor and evaluate key policy issues at the federal and state level, and develop a strategy for addressing those issues. Typically the Executive Director represents the Health Center at the meeting.

Quality Improvement Forum

The Quality Improvement Forum meets monthly to share best practices, exchange ideas, present new information, and problem-solve around organizational quality improvement and PCMH efforts. Typically, quality improvement directors and clinic managers participate in this group.

For more information on joining a workgroup please contact Barb.