Utah Trauma Informed Care Academy


The Trauma Informed Care Academy is a cooperative effort to try and increase trauma-informed programming in Utah. This academy will cover the basics of trauma, how trauma informed care translates into practice, and aid in the challenges of implementing trauma informed practices.

The Trauma-Informed Care Community Academy is a collaboration between Shelter the Homeless, Utah Community Action, 4th Street Clinic, and the Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH) - the primary care association for the state’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). Trainings will be led by The Trauma Informed Care Network of Utah (TICN) - a Utah based organization formed in 2013, by a group of mental health and medical professionals to provide education and training around the impacts of trauma and to help increase awareness and access to effective treatment.

This training academy consists of three integral pieces:

  1. A three-day training for C-Suite leadership meant to increase awareness, education and emphasize the importance of providing trauma-informed care. The Leadership Training will cover the following concepts:
    • Trauma and Resiliency Basics
      • Physiological effects of Trauma
    • Basic Roadmap for TIC Organizations
      • Deep dive into policies and procedures
      • Assessments
        • Determining your current trauma informed care state as an organization
        • Reviewing what you are doing well vs. areas to improve
      • Designation
        • Core Implementation Teams
        • Determining who is the best fit for implementation in your organization
      • Developing goals and desired outcomes as an organization
      • Possible interventions
      • Sustainability Planning
  1. A train-the-trainer, three-day workshop focused on trauma-informed best practices and implementation strategies that can be taken back to each site. The train-the-trainer Training will cover the following concepts:
    • Review of Leadership Training
      • Trauma and Resiliency Basics
      • Roadmap for TIC Organizations
    • Implementation and Organization Evaluation
    • Functionality of Core Implementation Team
  1. An ongoing trauma-informed care peer learning group, which will consist of quarterly meetings, consultation with TICN and discussion among academy participants to discuss challenges and progress.

Training Dates

Leadership Training:

  • January 9th: 9am-3pm
  • January 16th: 9am-3pm
  • January 23rd 9am-3pm

CLICK HERE to view the full agenda for the January Leadership Training. 


  • March 6th: 9am-3pm
  • March 13th: 9am-3pm
  • March 20th: 9am-3pm

-Full registration includes leadership training, train-the-trainer, and ongoing peer learning group-breakfast, lunch, and snacks: $500/organization (Organizations may send up to 4 individuals per training date)

-Attend Leadership Training ONLY-Breakfast, lunch, and snack: $300/Organization (Organizations may send up to 4 individuals per training date)

-Attend Train-The-Trainer Training ONLY- Breakfast, lunch, and snack: $300/Organization (Organizations may send up to 4 individuals per training date)


All trainings will be held at Holy Cross Ministries, 860 E 4500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84107, 2nd Floor Conference Room 

Please contact Natalie Stubbs at natalie@auch.org or Emily Bennett at emily@auch.org with questions.