AmeriCorps Member of the Month – Jasmine Dye

July 19, 2019

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Community Health Worker (CHW) Jasmine (Jaz) is extremely dedicated to her clients and always goes above and beyond for them. Several months ago, Jaz had a client experiencing homelessness who had the opportunity to answer a survey and receive rapid rehousing.

While this was great news for the client, she did not have the means get herself to the appointment. She was also very hesitant to ride the bus due to previous confusions with the busing system and experiencing regular seizures. Jaz not only arranged to get the client a bus pass, she also rode with her to and from the appointment to help her feel safe and secure. Jaz could not have achieved this without her strong relationship building skills!

According to the client, Jaz made her feel so safe and secure that she was able to ride the bus to and from the agency. The client even requested that Jaz go into the room to help her understand the questions that were being asked. While the client did not receive help with rapid rehousing, she was moved up on the list and the experience helped her foster independence.

Jaz’s selflessness and supportiveness allowed the client to explore opportunities to improve her situation that would have been difficult otherwise. According to her supervisors, Jaz is an all-star CHW and they couldn’t be happier to have her on the team!

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