Meningitis B Webinars Aim to Raise Awareness

21 October 2016 Published in News and Updates

Is meningitis life-threatening? How does Meningitis B spread? Who is at risk for meningitis?

The objective of this free webinar program is to provide Disease State Education and Vaccine Information on Meningococcal Serogroup B including, Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices recommendations and Meningococcal vaccine information. The program will last 30-40 minutes with an optional Q and A after the presentation. 

Note: You will be asked to register a GSKSource account and you will need your Provider's National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. Please contact Barbara if you have any issues.

Click Here to register for one of the webinars listed below. 


When: November 2nd                        When: November 9th                           

Time: 6:00 PM MST                           Time: 11:15 AM MST                            

Speaker: Leonard Friedland                Speaker: Neil Huyck                             


When: November 10th                       When: November 15th                 When: November 16th

Time: 1:15 PM MST                            Time: 12:15 PM MST                    Time: 1:15 PM MST

Speaker: Neil Huyck                           Speaker: Patricia Novy                 Speaker: Jim Seaboldt