Fourth Street Clinic Patients Await Medicaid Decision

19 March 2014 Published in News and Updates

Members of the Fourth Street Clinic's Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) recently wrote a powerful editorial for the Deseret News expressing concern over the "coverage gap" created by the lack of a Medicaid Expansion. 

"For most of us — as well as for most Utahns who are homeless — Fourth Street Clinic is our only source of health care because they do not require health insurance or payment. Most of us don’t have health insurance, because we can’t pay for it on our own and Utah’s Medicaid Program requires that you be poor and have dependents or be disabled. It is the 60,000 people like us that Utah is calling the “coverage gap.” If Utah doesn’t eliminate it’s Medicaid restrictions and include all poor Utahns, we will be the only group to remain uninsured under the new health care reform law. We do not qualify for any of the law’s discounted plans or government subsidies to buy health insurance."

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