Community Health Worker - Fourth Street Clinic

June 08, 2020

Fourth Street Clinic 

409 W 400 S, Salt Lake City, Utah

CHWs are trusted, knowledgeable frontline health personnel who typically come from the communities they serve. CHWs bridge cultural and linguistic barriers, expand access to coverage and care and improve health outcomes. We are looking for a passionate and energetic team member to help us through these unique times. This position will support Fourth Street Clinic’s Mobile Medical Clinic. Our state-of-the-art mobile clinic delivers health services – ranging from basic checkups to diagnosis and treatment – to men, women, and families unable to travel to a doctor for care. Currently, the mobile clinic will be serving as a COVID-19 testing site for people experiencing homelessness. The CHW will assist the mobile clinic during COVID-19 testing and with health care delivery once the pandemic allows us to shift back to our usual services. Applicants must be comfortable interacting with people experiencing homelessness. Applicants must also be willing to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes eye protection, face shield, gown, gloves, and masks. No medical background is required. CHW responsibilities include, but may not be limited to, the following:
Mobile Clinic Testing COVID-19 Testing
• While wearing PPE, assist medical staff in collecting COVID-19 testing swaps and packaging labs
• Deliver labs to the Department of Health
• Assist in patient registration and paperwork
• Assist medical staff in dawning and doffing PPE
• Support mobile driver by assisting with mobile transportation and set-up/break-down of clinic
• Support clinic activities related to COVID-19 testing when mobile clinic is not on outreach
Mobile Medical Health Care Service Delivery
• Establishing trusting relationships with patients and their families to help them become more engaged in their health
• Conducting intake interviews with patients utilizing motivational interviewing and health coaching, and enrolling and/or referring patients into applicable health and community resources
• Following-up with patients via phone calls, home visits, and visits to other settings where patients can be found
• Support mobile medical provider, medical assistant, and clinic care coordinators by assisting with patients’ referrals, imaging, and follow-ups
• Assist in coordinating with case managers at resource centers/community sites to help with patient care
• Working closely with clinical teams to ensure that patients have comprehensive and coordinated care
• Documenting patient activities and outcomes in Epic
• Undergo training in de-escalation technics and trauma-informed care to help manage patient intake
and workflow
• Attending team meetings as assigned to discuss progress, successes, and challenges related to the

High School diploma, or equivalent. Demonstrated relationship-building and effective communication
Candidate must be able to find own transportation to RV designated sites throughout Salt Lake County.
• Bi-lingual in Spanish language.
• Prior experience as an outreach/community health worker.
• Certified CNA or health educator
• Comfort or experience working in a multi-cultural setting




Please send resume and cover letter to