Medical Provider - Bear Lake Community Health Centers

January 24, 2020

Bear Lake Community Health Centers

1515 North 400 East
Suite 104
North Logan, UT


We are looking for a Physician, Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to join our group in the Cache Valley area and provide patients with high-quality treatment and diagnostic services. The ideal candidate is an intuitive healthcare professional whose diagnostic abilities are only matched by their concern for their patients. The Medical Provider in this role will be responsible for meeting, assessing and diagnosing patients in our clinic and providing them with healthcare services that meet state and national standards for caregiving. They will be responsible for prescribing patients with appropriate medication, health regimens and lifestyle adjustments that will contribute to their recovery from diagnosed health issues, prevent future health issues and/or promote a healthier life. The right candidate will have a passion for providing these services to our patients and will enjoy working closely with other healthcare professionals in or organization. Please submit CV/Resume to

License & Certifications:
Experience providing primary care in a clinical setting and experience with appropriate prescribing as needed. Experience in collaborating and working with a team of healthcare professionals to ensure positive, effective patient outcome and experiences with our organization.
Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.


Email CV/Resume to