Chief Financial Officer - Fourth Street Clinic

October 04, 2019

Fourth Street Clinic - 409 West 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Job Summary
Fourth Street Clinic is looking for a dynamic individual to support our organization moving to the next phase of growth. This position is ideal for someone that is passionate about professional growth, mentorship and working collaboratively with other strong health care leaders and advocates. The world of Community Health Centers is a unique finance field and demands someone who is creative and committed to the mission. Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc. (WHHC) dba Fourth Street Clinic in Salt Lake City’s leading nonprofit health care provider for homeless Utahns. We operate with a core staff of approximately 65 and a volunteer network of more than 150. Annually, the health center provides services to over 5,200 homeless men, women and children with more than 25,000 medical, behavioral health (including substance abuse), dental services, case management, and health education classes. Fourth Street Clinic has an onsite pharmacy that provided over 50,000 prescriptions.

A successful candidate must embrace Fourth Street Clinic’s core values: Transparency, Integrity, Trust, Respect, and Accountability. It is essential that this leadership position model and promote these values in their daily work and interactions with others.

The Chief Finance Officer is a member of the leadership team that directs all financial activities including but not limited to; developing and monitoring compliance with financial policies and regulations; preparing and analyzing budgets; developing financial reports/projections; managing the general accounting functions, and provides general oversight to the finance department. The Chief Financial Officer works in collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer to safeguard the organizational assets and investments, as well as financial forecasting for strategic planning.

Core Responsibilities:
• Oversee all WHHC fiscal operations pursuant to the policies and directions of the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and external regulations.
• Preparation of annual organization budget as well as individual grant budgets; coordinate all department budgets; work with all department heads throughout the year to insure that expenditures adhere to legal and budgetary requirements.
• Work with the Development Department and leadership team to track revenues from relevant sources (i.e. foundations, corporations, special events) and expenses, as well as relevant restrictions.
• Develop, supervise, and coordinate all efforts to attain maximum third party reimbursement including capitated arrangements.
• Work in collaboration with Medical Billing Manager to develop and maintain corporate fee schedules and medical billing policies and protocols.
• Responsible for the preparation of all regulatory financial reports (i.e. FSR, UDS, Medicare, Medicaid, IRS Form 990, state tax returns, 5500, etc.).
• Ensure all insurance coverage is in place each year; including but not limited to: directors’ and officers’, malpractice, general property, cyber, etc.
• Responsible for all financial accounting and reporting, procedures and internal controls for the finance department.
• Serve as the principal liaison between WHHC and external accountants (e.g., independent auditors) and agencies responsible for financial audits, tax returns, and review of WHHC fiscal operations.
• Ensures vendor/tenant performance is regularly reviewed and competitive bidding processes utilized.

• Identify, develop and recommend professional development needs/opportunities and coordinate/conduct appropriate training for staff.
• Participates in staff performance evaluations, formal and informal coaching.
• Participate in departmental recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding of new hires.
• Evaluate finance department structure and team; plan for continual improvement of efficiencies and effectiveness of both individuals and team members.

• Supports and encourages a collaborative culture that values mutual respect, partnership, learning, trust, accountability, transparency, and fairness.
• Models positive and appropriate professional behavior.
• Staffs the Finance Committee meeting of the health center’s Board of Directors. Participate at the Board of Directors meetings; at the request of the Chief Executive Officer or board members.
• Participates in professional workgroups and organizations; as needed or requested.
• Communicate departmental activities, changes, and other related activities to appropriate personnel, committees or others as determined.
• Participate in strategic planning and annual operations/implementation planning.
• Provide strategic financial input and leadership on decision-making issues affecting the organization.
• Other duties as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

• At a minimum, an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in accounting, finance or health care finance administration; MBA or CPA preferred but not required.
• Minimum of 5 years in a leadership role and at least 7 years of staff supervision.
• Strong accounting skills; versed in GAAP and FASB.
• Excellent leadership, customer service, and organizational skills as well as the ability to effectively communicate the organization’s vision.
• Prior experience with non-profit and federal contracts management desired but not required.
• Strong knowledge and experience in health care finance, including third-party reimbursement mechanisms and federal guidelines regarding budget and financing helpful.
• Ability to effectively work independently as well as collaboratively as part of a team.
• Strong analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to think critically and appropriately prioritize work.
• Ability to analyze and interpret data and technical information.




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Organization Overview
Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc. (WHHC) dba Fourth Street Clinic, Salt Lake City’s leading nonprofit health care provider for homeless Utahns that operates with a core staff of 50 and a volunteer network of more than 150. Annually, the health center provides services to over 5,000 homeless men, women and children with 34,000 medical, behavioral health (including substance abuse), dental services, case management and health education classes. Fourth Street Clinic has an onsite pharmacy that provided over 60,000 prescriptions.