Volunteer Engagement Coordinator - Fourth Street Clinic

October 01, 2019

Fourth Street Clinic - 409 West 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Job Summary
Organization Overview
Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc., (WHHC) dba Fourth Street Clinic, Salt Lake City’s leading nonprofit healthcare provider for homeless Utahns is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that operates with a staff of over 50 and a volunteer network of more than 150. Annually, the clinic serves over 5,100 homeless men, women and children with 32,000 primary care, mental health, substance abuse, dental, specialty care and case management visits. Fourth Street Pharmacy dispenses 60,000 medications annually. By increasing homeless Utahns’ access to primary care, Fourth Street Clinic is a major partner in ending homelessness, promoting community health, and achieving across-the-board health care savings.

Position Overview
Fourth Street Clinic is seeking an individual who is devoted to building an innovative and inclusive volunteer program. The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator is responsible for implementing a comprehensive volunteer program that supports Fourth Street Clinic. The Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, orienting/onboarding, evaluating and credentialing as required for all volunteers. In addition, the Coordinator oversees the volunteer recognition program to promote a culture of recognition and maintain volunteer engagement. Fourth Street Clinic’s dedicated volunteers are an integral part of a supportive and service centric culture in working with homeless individuals.

Core Responsibilities:
The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator will create and oversee the implementation of the volunteer program, including engagement strategies and development that are in alignment with the organizations mission and vision.
Responsibilities include:
• Collaborate with internal staff to develop effective volunteer opportunities, matching volunteer requests from medical, dental, pharmacy and administrative staff with appropriate volunteers.
• Coordinate and assure integration of the volunteer engagement program into overall clinic operations;
• Oversee volunteer recruitment, placement and orientation for the various departmental staff;
• Foster relationships between employees and volunteers, including Board of Directors, committees, community and students;
• Develop volunteer recognition programs and events;
• Implement and maintain ongoing volunteer communications to receiving updated information;
• Comply with state and federal regulations pertaining to volunteer credentialing, licensing, malpractice and reporting;
• Develop and maintain the electronic volunteer records system for reporting; and
• Manage the budget for the volunteer program.

The ideal candidate will have relationship-building skills, the ability to build and sustain a service centered culture and demonstrated ability to work effectively with clinical personnel and management staff. Additional qualifications include:
• Work autonomously and part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure accurate and timely information relating to volunteers;
• Highly organized and self-motivated;
• Excellent communication skills including writing, formal and informal presentations, and can converse with a variety of education levels and learning styles;
• Ability to document, file and submit a variety of paperwork, as well as demonstrate high-level proficiency with web-based tools, Microsoft Office applications including but not limited to: Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
• Flexible work schedule to meet demands of organization and volunteer program, with some later evening and weekend appointments;
• Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work/volunteer experience;
• Must be able to pass the BCI/FBI background check.




If interested, please send cover letter and resume/CV to:
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Organization Overview
Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc. (WHHC) dba Fourth Street Clinic, Salt Lake City’s leading nonprofit health care provider for homeless Utahns that operates with a core staff of 50 and a volunteer network of more than 150. Annually, the health center provides services to over 5,000 homeless men, women and children with 34,000 medical, behavioral health (including substance abuse), dental services, case management and health education classes. Fourth Street Clinic has an onsite pharmacy that provided over 60,000 prescriptions.