Full Time Dental Assistant - Provo

  • QUALIFICATIONS:High school diploma or GED, Technical Certificate. Requires completion of all externship hours.

  • JOB DESCRIPTION:The Dental Assistant is responsible for prepping patients for treatment, assisting the dentist in performing the any restorative dentistry or oral surgery. He/she will prepare materials and equipment for each individual procedure and have the equipment ready for the Dentist to use. He/she will also assist the Dentist in laboratory work.
    The Dental Assistant is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the instruments and hand pieces, passing instruments to the dentist or hygienist (single or two handed technique), preparation of restorative materials, and performs laboratory procedures such as pouring and trimming of study models. He/she will maintain supplies and equipment, monitor inventory, maintain emergency drug kits, and conduct spore/biological indicator tests.
    The Dental Assistant will record data on patient’s record or chart as directed DDS. He/she will participate in doing patient and community education on oral health. The Dental Assistant works on routine procedures, radiology tasks, sterilizations tasks, and Operatory Sterilization. He/she is expected to complete consent forms from patients for Nitrous and extractions.

  • BENEFITS:A full range of benefits are available including generous PTO, Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance and a great retirement plan.

  • CONTACT:  Email Human Resources or call 801-855-0152